Yes we know.. the busy schedules & limited amount of disposable income limit our options for food in the upscale area of flatiron district.
Still there are some nice joints in the vicinity of our school that satisfiy the taste buds without making a hole in the pocket! 

Here are some places that are loved by baruchians..


This cool place right in the Madison Square Park offers hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, milkshakes and much more! You can love it or hate it but can't ignore it!!


I mean, what can you really complain about? 
It's "Subway". They serve sandwiches, that are made like every other Subway. This store is smaller than most Subways…but dont you have ample space in library to dose off? :P

They are right across the street & they have the FebruANY promotion going on currently.. So why miss?? 
Click the image to find out the exact location..
Btw, if you are actually clicking the image.. Where were you this entire time buddy!!!


Here's the deal! There is nothing glamorous about this place that makes it stand out aesthetically. However, they have the friendliest bartenders in the city. After 3 visits they will know you by name. Their pub food is great. As far as sports go, The Hairy Monk is Red Sox central and if you're at all opposed to Boston teams then just avoid it during game time unless you want to get in some idiotic drunken fight!! Usually after socials you would see many grads heading towards this watering hole for late night drinks.



$2.50 gets you a decent slice of pizza. Steps away from the VC building, you can grab a quick slice inbetween classes. Thumbs up to their Grandma's Slice. Go easy on their sauce with its extra helping of pepper unless you don't mind a kick! & dont blame us if you order their cheese ravioli. We already warned you.. Keep It Simple & Slice :D

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