I know I know Spring Break is almost over and we haven't had a really sunny day yet!
We all know that starting from next Monday the sun will be shining, temperatures will go up and we will be stuck with final presentation and final exams..
Oh well we can't really fix it but here is a little something you should do this week
Go to the Whitney Museum!

Contemporary art may be a little challenging but don’t let this stop you from going!
First: the building is amazing!
It feels real and concrete. If you walk up the stairs there are cute little benches with 3  lights where you can just sit and talk to you friend/date/imaginary buddy!

Second: free daily gallery tour! 
As most museum in town the Whitney offers free Audio Guide that you can pick up in the lobby but what I suggest is that you follow the tour guides around just like you did when you where a little kid! I followed them and they were fantastic! 
As I said before Contemporary Art Is Challenging and can leave you a little perplex but
 if you have someone that gives you a brief overview of the gallery, 
interesting anecdotes about the artists  and their view on art 
it is actually easier to appreciate Contemporary Art!

The Biennial is up until May 27th and you should check it out! 
They have a great calendar of events planned for the next month and 
Friday nights are “pay-what-you-whish” so you have no excuses not to go!!

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