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As some of you know already, one of the best Spring Break activities is shopping. Among all the places we can go, I personally perfer to visit the Outlets since you get more discounts out there and a great example of that will be the Tanger outlet: http://www.tangeroutlet.com/riverhead. I was actually just there last week and it was totally worth driving more than an hour with all the bargains I was able to get.
4/12/2012 01:39:59

I have been to Tanger, but I feel that Woodbury Common is a better outlet mall because it feels like you are at a high-end design fashion mall in some parts. While the luxury names are still expensive, the discount is amazing compared to the prices at their regular stores. I recently found a beautiful Kate Spade bag that my girlfriend has desired for almost half price compared to the Kate Spade stores near the city. Plus during the warms months we like to take hikes in the surrounding area.


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