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Do you need to release stress?
Are you looking for a good workout?
Here is our suggestion: Start Climbing!!
Here are just a few point that should make you want to start climbing right now!!
1 It's a lot of fun in really strange way!
It's hard and you are not going to be a pro right away but if you like challenges Climbing is the right sport for you.

3 It's a great motivation to work out and eat better even when you are not climbing!
It's sometimes hard to decide to work out and to give up on junk food :) But if you know that the pushups/run/abs you are doing will make go a little higher next time you go to the climbing gym everything will be a little easier!
2 It's a great work out!
At the beginning you may think your arms are going to make the difference but legs and abs will make a difference in the long run. 

4 When you are climbing your mind is only focused on the wall! 
Not thinking about school work and life is really easy!
When you are climbing you have to be focused on your next move your mind will be thinking about moves, holds and chalk and trust me there will be no time for stress!
Ready to climb?!?
Here are some options for NYC:Manhattan Plaza Health Club has really good deals for students, they offer calsses and will rent you climbing gear for free!Brooklyn Boulders definitely bigger than MPHC it has a great vibe and offers more routes for beginners! 

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