Do you need to release stress?
Are you looking for a good workout?
Here is our suggestion: Start Climbing!!
Here are just a few point that should make you want to start climbing right now!!
1 It's a lot of fun in really strange way!
It's hard and you are not going to be a pro right away but if you like challenges Climbing is the right sport for you.

3 It's a great motivation to work out and eat better even when you are not climbing!
It's sometimes hard to decide to work out and to give up on junk food :) But if you know that the pushups/run/abs you are doing will make go a little higher next time you go to the climbing gym everything will be a little easier!
2 It's a great work out!
At the beginning you may think your arms are going to make the difference but legs and abs will make a difference in the long run. 

4 When you are climbing your mind is only focused on the wall! 
Not thinking about school work and life is really easy!
When you are climbing you have to be focused on your next move your mind will be thinking about moves, holds and chalk and trust me there will be no time for stress!
Ready to climb?!?
Here are some options for NYC:Manhattan Plaza Health Club has really good deals for students, they offer calsses and will rent you climbing gear for free!Brooklyn Boulders definitely bigger than MPHC it has a great vibe and offers more routes for beginners! 


Winter or summer, rain or shine New York City is known for its fast moving life & you may have heard the vicious rumor about New Yorkers being a surly bunch with a bad attitude towards new comers. Having experienced this city for more than two years now, I can say honestly that the New Yorkers welcome the naïve new comers with open heart.. Unless of course they need to be at someplace & you get in their way :)

New York and New Yorkers move fast, and it's normal to feel uneasy, overwhelmed or downright frightened at the pace when are new to it. Read on for these simple tips for surviving this concrete jungle while you roam around in buses & subways.
  • When you get to the subway turnstile or on the bus, have your Metro Card in hand and ready to swipe. Nothing is more infuriating than missing your train because someone decided to wait until they were at the turnstile to begin searching their pockets/purse/suitcase for their Metro Card.
  • If you are travelling in a bus, get on at the front of the bus and get off in the back. This is a huge time saver for the people trying to board the bus, the people already onboard and the people waiting at the next stop.
  • Move to the middle of the subway car. You will have ample time to get off at your stop. Promise.
  • MTA has recently started a new bus service called “Select Bus Service”. These buses collect fare off board & you don't have to swipe your Metro Card inside the bus. These buses are time savers as they don't wait for the passengers to swipe in their card & start moving when all the passengers get in.
  • If you don't plan on walking up the escalator, move to the right. And if you are carrying a giant bag, take it off your arm or back and rest it in front of you so people can get by.
  • Never, under any circumstances, walk more than two people across on the sidewalks. While you take in your surroundings, others are trying to get where they need to be and want to be able to pass you.
  • If, for some reason, you decide to drive in New York City, leave ample room between you and the car in front of you in traffic. This way, if you get stuck at a red light, you won't block the intersection or the crosswalk.

I know I know Spring Break is almost over and we haven't had a really sunny day yet!
We all know that starting from next Monday the sun will be shining, temperatures will go up and we will be stuck with final presentation and final exams..
Oh well we can't really fix it but here is a little something you should do this week
Go to the Whitney Museum!

Contemporary art may be a little challenging but don’t let this stop you from going!
First: the building is amazing!
It feels real and concrete. If you walk up the stairs there are cute little benches with 3  lights where you can just sit and talk to you friend/date/imaginary buddy!

Second: free daily gallery tour! 
As most museum in town the Whitney offers free Audio Guide that you can pick up in the lobby but what I suggest is that you follow the tour guides around just like you did when you where a little kid! I followed them and they were fantastic! 
As I said before Contemporary Art Is Challenging and can leave you a little perplex but
 if you have someone that gives you a brief overview of the gallery, 
interesting anecdotes about the artists  and their view on art 
it is actually easier to appreciate Contemporary Art!

The Biennial is up until May 27th and you should check it out! 
They have a great calendar of events planned for the next month and 
Friday nights are “pay-what-you-whish” so you have no excuses not to go!!

As some of you know already, one of the best Spring Break activities is shopping. Among all the places we can go, I personally perfer to visit the Outlets since you get more discounts out there and a great example of that will be the Tanger outlet: I was actually just there last week and it was totally worth driving more than an hour with all the bargains I was able to get.
The next place I'm recommending is most definitely a place that will be very familiar to all of you.  
Although there are quite a few Starbucks near Baruch, the best one to get some reading done is located on:

424 Park Avenue South 
New York, NY 100168022 

I go to this location often mainly due to ample amount of sitting available to the patrons.  Don't get me wrong, it's always busy, but you'll always still be able to find a seat! 
But be nice and share your table with others :)

Another great thing about this location is the amount of natural light that you get through the windows.  Other locations can be a bit gloomy and dark, which can set the mood for a nice nap when you need to "get it together" and finish that last minute assignment of yours!  

Check it out and let us know how it goes! 


The library is my Ambien... and most likely, yours as well.  But the fact is, we have things to get done! 
So the team here at survivingBaruch searched around and found some great places for you to try out when you need a breather away from the stuffy library.  

5 E 27th St (btwn. 5th and Madison)
New York, NY 10016
(212) 686-1444

This place is a gem. I'm actually contemplating whether I should give this information away... 
Not only do they serve the best coffee, tea and hot chocolate, they also serve beer/wine/sangria!!  But wait, you shouldn't be drinking while studying... cross that!  And what else? There's no need to step out of the place to get a good meal; their seasonal salads are awesome and so are their sandwiches. 
But most importantly, they have the whole second floor designated as the 'library' and free Wi-Fi. 
 Check Birch out and let us know how you liked it! 
And make sure you come back for Part II coming soon for more suggestions! 
Yes we know.. the busy schedules & limited amount of disposable income limit our options for food in the upscale area of flatiron district.
Still there are some nice joints in the vicinity of our school that satisfiy the taste buds without making a hole in the pocket! 

Here are some places that are loved by baruchians..


This cool place right in the Madison Square Park offers hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, milkshakes and much more! You can love it or hate it but can't ignore it!!


I mean, what can you really complain about? 
It's "Subway". They serve sandwiches, that are made like every other Subway. This store is smaller than most Subways…but dont you have ample space in library to dose off? :P

They are right across the street & they have the FebruANY promotion going on currently.. So why miss?? 
Click the image to find out the exact location..
Btw, if you are actually clicking the image.. Where were you this entire time buddy!!!


Here's the deal! There is nothing glamorous about this place that makes it stand out aesthetically. However, they have the friendliest bartenders in the city. After 3 visits they will know you by name. Their pub food is great. As far as sports go, The Hairy Monk is Red Sox central and if you're at all opposed to Boston teams then just avoid it during game time unless you want to get in some idiotic drunken fight!! Usually after socials you would see many grads heading towards this watering hole for late night drinks.



$2.50 gets you a decent slice of pizza. Steps away from the VC building, you can grab a quick slice inbetween classes. Thumbs up to their Grandma's Slice. Go easy on their sauce with its extra helping of pepper unless you don't mind a kick! & dont blame us if you order their cheese ravioli. We already warned you.. Keep It Simple & Slice :D


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