We don't want you to get lost, frustrated or even worse both! 
We put together the basic information about the different buildings so keep on reading or GET LOST! :)

Newman and VC (The Big Guys)

If you are new to Baruch, the first two buildings you should familiarize yourself with are the Newman Library and the Vertical Campus buildings.  Luckily, they are only a hop and a skip away from each other.  And trust us, you'll be doing a lot of hopping and skipping between these two throughout your time here!  

H: Newman Library

Library (duh, right?)
- ID Center
- Cafeteria (Vending machines only) 
- Computer Lab 
- Registrar and Bursar office
- Financial Aid office

B: Vertical Campus

-  Classrooms
-  Gym
 Cafeteria (Hot food and vending machines)
- Starbucks
Graduate Advisement Center
Your Professors

The Others

Hopefully you'll get a chance to venture out more than we did, because the demanding schedule of our daily lives have prevented us from exploring 'the others' as much. Here's what we know. 

23rd Building

- Classrooms (Mainly for BUS COMM or Language Requirements)

Umm... the one next to the H Bldg? Really, there's no assigned name for this building. 

- Weissman Center (For International Study-Abroad Programs and Internships)

D and C:  Beats us! Never set our foot in there and doubt you will too. But hey, if you find out, kindly let us know? Maybe we'll post it up if the info deems worthy.  

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