You will completely fall in love with this subject.. & the only reason being Prof Sen! 
I always believed that no subject is  interesting or boring in itself.. It's the professor who makes it that way & This belief got firm when I took this class by prof Sen. 
This guy has tremendous energy & passion for his subject. He is one of those very few in the lot who dont struggle with interenet / opening a document! Very organized & brings on current information to class. Always has a smile on his face. Very approachable. 
His exams are a little difficult if you dont pay attention in his class but why wouldn't you? 
A big asset of Baruch!! 

His class is hell.
The bad news is you will have to take him if you major in International Business. The good news is if you do make it to the end of the class, you might realize you atually learn something valuable from it. Prof. Tsurumi definitely gets the credit for being passionate about the subject and being extensively knowledgble, you will just need to work extremely hard in his class to get an A.

Love the guy!
Wouldn't have taken Digital Marketing if it weren't for him. (That says a lot, doesn't it?)
He's very knowledgeable in the field and encourages class discussions to facilitate learning. His class is great for both beginning and intermediate digital marketers. If you ever consider a career in Digital Marketing or starting a business of your own, his class is a must-take.


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