Wait What?!? 
Finals are approaching and we are suggesting that you take a break with Game of Thrones?!
Even tough it may seem a little strange we have a perfect explanation for our suggestion!
It's proven that we are more effective effective at what we do if we take a 15/20 minutes break every hour and half!
Even though we do not have any scientific case study to present right now you better trust us here is our formula that proves it:
4 member in our team X 12 years of education = 48 years of experience! 

Now that we have proven our point let's go back to the real stuff: Game of Thrones!
Unless you are like my roommates or my mother you probably have, at least, heard about it, 

BTW my roommates are now up to speed for my mother there is no hope :)

I'll  admit I watched season 1 last year and then I could not wait 10 months to see what would happen and I started reading the books and I think that you should too :) 

They are addicting but in a good way!

They are perfect for the famous 10/15 minutes break: You can read a chapter and then go back to the power point presentations/studying/going crazy with that groupmate that never shows up to meeting! 

The best thing is that you'll want to read the next chapter so bad that you'll speed up your studying to go back to the book and see what happens!!

HBO is doing a great job with the TV show but the books are just better! 
The different characters come to life 
chapter after chapter and book after book.
 There are nuances that are difficult to translate on the small screen and dynamics that are impossible to depict in 40 minutes episodes.

We Want to hear from you!
Feelings about Game of Thrones? 
Feelings about finals and way to be more effective?
Aren't you tired of lugging around your heavy laptops to school?  We sure are! 

Luckily, our student fee allows Baruch to purchase hundereds of laptops to loan its student !!
You can chose Dell, HP netbooks, Apple's MacPro Air, oh! and also iPads!
Just make your way to the 3rd floor of the library, and show your ID to take one out! 
But make sure you return it in time, if you don't want to end up paying a hefty fee! 

It's good to know...

You don't have to rely solely on the library for your printing services.

The photo to the right shows all the computer labs opened and available throughout the vertical campus. 

When you're stuck in a jam to print out your paper, and don't have the time to wait on line for your printouts at the library, skip over to one of these rooms and voila!!


You will completely fall in love with this subject.. & the only reason being Prof Sen! 
I always believed that no subject is  interesting or boring in itself.. It's the professor who makes it that way & This belief got firm when I took this class by prof Sen. 
This guy has tremendous energy & passion for his subject. He is one of those very few in the lot who dont struggle with interenet / opening a document! Very organized & brings on current information to class. Always has a smile on his face. Very approachable. 
His exams are a little difficult if you dont pay attention in his class but why wouldn't you? 
A big asset of Baruch!! 

His class is hell.
The bad news is you will have to take him if you major in International Business. The good news is if you do make it to the end of the class, you might realize you atually learn something valuable from it. Prof. Tsurumi definitely gets the credit for being passionate about the subject and being extensively knowledgble, you will just need to work extremely hard in his class to get an A.

Prior to entering Grad school, I had no clue what Factiva, Mergent or Business Monitor were used for or why I even had to bother with them.  FYI, these are names of some of the research databases that you'll be using at one point or another while you do your group projects.  Luckily, Baruch offers access to gazillions of these resources for FREE for all Baruch students. 
So, what's the problem?  Well.. it's not as easy as it looks.  
Because Baruch offers so much information, you don't know where to start when you're looking for, let's say, the number of your target market segment for your marketing project. 

So instead of waiting on line to speak with the librarian, take full advantage of the 24/7/365 "Chat with the librarian" option offered on the Baruch website for help.  It has saved me hours during my past year here and I hope it'll save you some precious time too! 
1. Just go to: http://newman.baruch.cuny.edu/
2. Look under Help: Click on "Ask a Librarian" 
3. Click on by CHAT
4. Put in your Baruch ID and PW
5. FIll out necessary information 
6. Wait to get connected... and Voila!   

The great thing about this option is that you can speak to any one of many librarians throughout all CUNY colleges, meaning, there's hardly any wait time.   Also, you can ask as many questions as you need and not suffer the glare of next student on line behind you.  

Let us know if you have any other methods of getting your resources! 
Probably you have already bought all the books for this semester but if you want to find out easy ways to save some time and money next semester keep on reading!

Let’s start with the basics:
 Where can You find out what books You’ll need?

Our team pick is www.bkstr.com!
In just a few clicks you can find all the information that you need.

    It is slightly more accurate than the “BOOKLIST” in our CunyPortal and it provides you the information before you actually receive the syllabus from the professor!

All the required materials are listed for you and you can find ISBN, Author and Edition: basically all the information that you need to find the book somewhere else for less $!

 TIP: Keep your course's numbers, code and section handy: you'll need them!

Love the guy!
Wouldn't have taken Digital Marketing if it weren't for him. (That says a lot, doesn't it?)
He's very knowledgeable in the field and encourages class discussions to facilitate learning. His class is great for both beginning and intermediate digital marketers. If you ever consider a career in Digital Marketing or starting a business of your own, his class is a must-take.

We don't want you to get lost, frustrated or even worse both! 
We put together the basic information about the different buildings so keep on reading or GET LOST! :)

“ Oh my God! It’s 5:30 and I still have to print the paper due today!”

If this happened to you in the past you know that running from Vertical Campus to the Library Building and back by 5:50 without looking like this: 
(It’s not your fault; the elevators s#*k)
If you find yourself in a situation like this don’t freak out, take a deep breath and remember this post: we are about to reveal our FIRST SURVIVNG TIP!


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