Probably you have already bought all the books for this semester but if you want to find out easy ways to save some time and money next semester keep on reading!

Let’s start with the basics:
 Where can You find out what books You’ll need?

Our team pick is!
In just a few clicks you can find all the information that you need.

    It is slightly more accurate than the “BOOKLIST” in our CunyPortal and it provides you the information before you actually receive the syllabus from the professor!

All the required materials are listed for you and you can find ISBN, Author and Edition: basically all the information that you need to find the book somewhere else for less $!

 TIP: Keep your course's numbers, code and section handy: you'll need them!

Now that You know what books you need it boils down to:
Where Should You buy the books?

The obvious answer is!
Fast, Reliable, Easy to navigate, Student Prime and Best Costumer Service EVER make it
our #1 choice! 

But this is no news for any of you reading, right?!?

Here is our TIP: check if an International Edition is available! 

Usually they are way cheaper than the U.S. edition, you don’t have to settle for an earlier edition (the professor will not get mad at you!) and you won’t struggle with different page number for all the semester! 

KEEP IN MIND: look for your book at least a couple week before the semester starts, the international edition usually takes a little more to ship.    

  Even the best fail sometimes! 
KEEP IN MIND: Amazon is not your only option. 

If you can’t find a good deal, the estimated delivery date is not what you expected or for any other reason Amazon does not seem like a good option check out the competition! 

B&N is the other big guy 
check also Sheakespeare&Co 

What About those Case Studies?

We all had to deal with outdated cases in our college experience! 
Our suggestion when it comes down to these is: DO NOT BUY THE BOOKLETS FROM THE BOOKSTORE ON CAMPUS!

Check the source and buy them online! You’ll have a Pdf version of the case easy to save on your tablet, phone or e-reader. 
If you like the old hard-copy you can print it! (check out our printing TIP!)

And if you feel generous you can also share it with a classmate! BTW you’ll also save some $s!


 Any advises on finding good deals on books? Share it with us!

 Keep coming back if you want to read about selling your textbooks and getting some of your money back!

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